VIDEO STORY: 20mph speed limits with LCR Cycling and Walking Commissioner

07 September 2023
Simon Obrien driving a car, view from inside

Liverpool City Region Cycling and Walking Commissioner, Simon O' Brien talks about 20mph speed limits speaks about why 20mph speed limits, why they are being introduced and the benefits to all road users. 

The roll out of the first phase of new 20mph speed limits is ongoing, with roads across 15 areas getting new signage and road markings ahead of the speed limits becoming enforceable.

As a pedestrian, if you are involved in a collision with a car at 20mph, you are far less likely to be killed or seriously injured than at higher speeds. 

Also, if you want to do those short journeys to the shops, or to the library, or to see your friends on your bike, then if it's 20mph, it just feels more like you've got a right to be on the road. The whole things feels like a shared space.

So, a 20mph speed limit just means that however you get about in your neighbourhood, it just feels more inclusive. 

Simon O' Brien, Liverpool City Region Cycling and Walking Commissioner
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