Why the 'Little Moments Together' are so important

19 March 2024
Mum and baby sat on floor clapping and laughing together

The more we chat, play and read with our children, the more we help build their brains. Any time, anywhere, whether at home or out and about, it all adds up.

Wirral Council's Family Hubs are available to give support to parents at different stages of a child's life and they're sharing information to help families have their own 'Little Moments Together', in line with a national campaign to boost brain development in young children.

There’s no need to buy lots of toys or have big days out. Wherever you are, simply chatting back and forth, answering your child’s questions and sharing special moments together all help their brain to grow and develop secure and strong connections. Just what they need to get off to the right start at school.

Local mum Caitlin and her son Elias share their 'Little Moments Together' in this video:

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The Start for Life website is packed with simple ideas from other parents on how to build these little moments into each day. It includes tips and activities for you to do together with your child at different ages, as well as links to find further support in your local area.

A new film has also been released to explain how children’s brains develop during the early years, and the crucial role parents play through all the little moments they spend together with their child. Watch it here.

Visit the Start for Life online hub for other simple tips and activities, or visit your local Family Hub for more information.