More than 830 families achieve positive outcomes with support scheme

09 April 2024

Wirral families seeking support for a range of issues can benefit from a highly successful local scheme.

The Supporting Families programme works with families facing multiple challenges to help them overcome issues and improve their daily lives.

Led by Early Help and Prevention Services, the scheme has ten target outcomes which include; getting a good education, improved family relationships, crime prevention and tackling crime, secure housing, financial stability and more*. Families must require support on at least three of the target outcomes to be eligible for support.

Supporting Families works by providing support packages, coordinated by a lead professional, who works with the whole family and other agencies, to complete a ‘family plan’.

This year (2023-24) Wirral’s Children’s Services were able to evidence that 831 families, who qualified for the programme, had achieved and sustained 100% of their target positive outcomes in line with their individual plans.

Elizabeth Hartley, Director for Children, Families and Education at Wirral Council said: 

The Supporting Families programme, which we’ve been delivering for several years in Wirral, has helped us learn how to work successfully with the whole family, including those who may not live in the family home.

Under the scheme, rather than trying to negotiate with lots of people, services, and plans, which can become confusing and overwhelming, families are assigned one lead worker and one family plan. 

We’ve found this approach simplifies things and is better for families, and it shows in the project’s outcomes.

Supporting Families brings together a range of support including youth justice, domestic abuse support, school readiness, family support, and youth work. Specialist help from substance misuse workers, job coaches, housing and health services is also provided through multi-agency working, depending on the family’s needs.

Elizabeth continued:

I’m thrilled that we have supported so many families to make positive changes this year, and we are aiming to help more than 1,000 families achieve similar outcomes next year.

Through our network of Family Hubs which have been opening across the borough, our teams will be on hand to assist parents and carers to develop their Family Plan and make long-term positive changes.

Wirral parents and carers looking for support can find more information about Family Hubs and Family Help on the dedicated Family Toolbox website

* -The 10 Supporting Families target outcomes are:

  • Getting a good education
  • Good early years development
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Promoting recovery and reducing harm from substance use
  • Improved family relationships
  • Children are safe from abuse and exploitation
  • Crime prevention and tackling crime
  • Safe from domestic abuse
  • Secure housing
  • Financial stability