Final chance to have your say on green changes to Birkenhead Centre

19 January 2023
Graphic saying Grange Road and Charing Cross, and Think Outside The Box

Coming to a close on Sunday 22 January 2023, will be the consultation on how to make Charing Cross and Grange Road greener.

The proposed scheme would make improvements to the town centre high street and junction.

The suggested improved look and feel of Grange Road, changes to simplify the Charing Cross junction and the trial of a new Low Traffic Neighbourhood along Grange Road West are the different elements of the scheme being considered to deliver a better town centre.

If plans are supported, the works at Grange Road could see the replacement of paving materials, new trees and new street furniture whilst at Charing Cross, residents could see the existing crossing replaced with a wider and straighter version to enable easier crossing.

Residents and business owners in the area are asked for their views on the proposals, to ensure that the scheme delivers something that will be beneficial to people operating in the area as well as those travelling to the town to access the shopping and hospitality facilities. Those interested, will need to be quick though, as the consultation will close at 5pm on Sunday 22 January 2023.

For more information and to take part in the consultation, visit the council’s Have Your Say website.

The proposed schemes and the work to deliver them, if approved, will be funded from the UK Governments Future High Streets Fund, following a successful bid made by Wirral Council totalling £2.969 million.