All set for a long Wirral weekend

26 May 2023
View of beach overlooking north Wirral coast

With the weather forecast looking good for the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend, residents and visitors are being asked once again to heed advice designed to ensure everyone can enjoy their days out safely.

As always when the sun comes out and the rain stays away, it is expected that Wirral’s beaches, resorts and parks will again prove very popular with visitors and, with that in mind, here is a reminder of some important tips to help families stay safe while enjoying the fine weather.

Respect, Protect, Enjoy: Additional bulk bins will once again be provided in hotspot areas to allow residents and visitors to dispose of litter. Additional crews will also be out working longer hours to empty public litter bins in areas of high footfall, but they can often fill up faster than they can empty them so If crews haven’t emptied them before you need them - and there’s no room in another nearby bins - please don’t leave rubbish at the side or on top. Find another bin, or take it home with you... let’s keep our beauty spots beautiful!

Water safety: Everyone loves a trip to the beach but tidal activity around Wirral’s coast can be fast-changing and unpredictable. It is important people remember to check tide times (especially if a visit to Hilbre Island is planned), don’t go out too far in the water and keep away from sinking mud. If you see someone in trouble at the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Road safety: Wirral’s many beauty spots attract visitors from far and wide so, take extra care when roads are busy. Always use crossing points where they are available to help you and any little ones or furry friends cross safely. If you’re getting about on two wheels, don’t forget your helmet and safety checks.

Prepare for warm weather: Sunshine is forecast and although temperatures might be more modest than they will be at the height of summer, sunburn could still be a risk if people are outside for long periods. Make sure you and the family use suncream with SPF and drink plenty of water. If you have any family members with fo ur paws, don’t leave them in hot cars, even for a few minutes.

Fire safety: It’s tempting for people take disposable barbecues with them on a day out, but in the wrong hands, they could quite quickly leave a bad taste. In fact, our advice is that parks, beaches and outdoor public spaces should not be used for barbecues - unless they are a designated barbecue space such as the site at Wirral Country Park.

West Kirby: Businesses across the jewel of West Wirral will be open and ready to welcome visitors, but with some complementary works on the flood wall project still taking place, it is important that people are aware that there are still some restrictions. The public car park at Dee Lane is still closed and although there are a number of car parking spaces available along South Parade again now, these are bound to be very popular so visitors are asked to consider using public transport to get to West Kirby, if at all possible. Small sections of pavement along South Parade will be closed due to works, but should be passable on the other side of the road.

Household waste collections: These should take place as per the regular schedule, so if your bin at home is usually emptied on a Monday, please make sure the correct bin is out for collection before 7am.