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Birkenhead man prosecuted for fly-tipping

11 May 2022

Liam Ash, 31, of Liversidge Road, Birkenhead was paid £200 by a friend to dispose of the tyres, but instead of doing it in line with waste disposal regulations, he instead dumped them from the rear of a hired van at a car park off Grange Road West in Birkenhead.

A witness reported the incident to the council and provided details and evidence that led enforcement officers to Mr Ash. 

In court on March 17th 2022, he admitted the offence and, taking into account sentencing guidelines, a probation report, the council impact statement and the defendant’s early guilty plea, Magistrates imposed a sentence of a 12mth Community Order for 200 hours of unpaid work. The council was awarded £700 costs with a collection order and a £95 victim surcharge was applied.

Fly tipping is a criminal offence under section 33 of the Environment Act 1990.

Welcoming the successful prosecution, Cllr Liz Grey, Chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee, said: “Fly-tipping is not a victimless crime. People who do it show a blatant disregard for the local community and the environment. They are avoiding legitimate business costs, enabling them to undercut waste collection businesses who are working within the law, and their actions are at the expense of the local environment, property owners, taxpayers and local authorities.

Thank you to the witness who came forward to report the offence and well done to the enforcement team for bringing a successful prosecution. I hope it sends out the message to anyone tempted to earn some fast cash by illegally dumping someone else’s waste that we will use all the powers at our disposal to identify you and bring you before the courts

In court, the Borough Solicitor read out an impact statement setting out the environmental impact of dumping tyres in this way. It also highlighted the potential impact of this occurring in a residential area if someone had maliciously set the tyres on fire.