Wirral Council: Policy and Resources Committee

18 January 2024
graphic saying Wirral Council Committee update on blue background

Wirral Council’s Policy and Resources Committee met on January 17 2024 at Birkenhead town hall.

The full agenda for the Policy and Resources Committee is available on the council website. The meeting is also webcast and can be viewed online.

Items on the agenda included:

Independent Assurance Panel: Members were presented with the letter from the Independent Assurance Panel and brief presentation from the panel chair Carolyn Downs. The panel letter said they were “reassured” that the council “will be able to set a balanced budget for 2024/25” and that the gaps for the subsequent two years “will become manageable and that savings will be identified”.

The letter said the panel remained “concerned about the delivery” of the council’s regeneration plans but “appreciate the challenging economic context”.

The panel said they would be meeting again after full Council in February 2024 and that they very much hope that if all the factors outlined, including setting a balanced budget, are met “then we will at that point be able to stand down the panel”.

The letter is available to read on the council website.

Following this a report on Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme, Discounts and Exemptions for 2024/25 was agreed by councillors. This includes discounts for Wirral Women & Children’s Aid (£7,300), Council Tax Discretionary Relief for hardship (£50,000) and the Care Leaver’s Discount (£189,000).

A report outlining how the council’s Capital Programme – delivery of major projects – is going ahead was presented to councillors, which also gave an outline of what key capital investments by the council can be expected in the coming year.

This includes both the regeneration developments set to transform key areas of the borough as well as major spending by the council on Council Plan priorities, ranging from highway maintenance, school buildings and provision for those with special educational needs (SEN), extra care housing and tele health care, among others.