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The Little Things We Do Keep Wirral Well

11 May 2022
It's the little things...Like getting your jabs, wearing a mask, meeting outside and washing your hands

A new health campaign has been launched in Wirral to promote ‘low effort, high impact’ behaviours that keep the borough moving by preventing the spread of infectious diseases (including COVID-19). 

Data shows that rates of flu and some stomach bugs were much lower than usual at the height of the pandemic, when legal restrictions such as social distancing and compulsory mask-wearing were in place.  

Since the easing of restrictions, following the Government’s Living With Covid plan, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has reported that cases of flu and norovirus have been on the rise across the country.  

COVID-19 case rates also remain very high in Wirral and throughout the UK, despite the changes in reporting that came with the end of universal community testing.  

Although common, these illnesses are disruptive to the lives of residents and put a strain on the NHS. They can also have very serious consequences for vulnerable people. 

To stop these nasty bugs spreading, the campaign aims to encourage residents to continue to practice simple infection control behaviours they have become accustomed to over the past two years – particularly when feeling unwell. 

Launching the campaign, Director of Public Health, Julie Webster, said: 

“By taking simple steps - like popping on a mask when we go shopping - we can continue to benefit from the lessons we have learned during the past two years. 

“Each small choice we make – such as arranging to meet friends outdoors or staying at home if we are feeling unwell - can make a huge difference. 

“It’s the little things we do that keep Wirral Well and protect our most vulnerable residents from COVID-19, flu, and other common respiratory diseases.”