“I wouldn’t be where I am today": Service supports isolated people

15 March 2024
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A service aiming to reduce social isolation is looking to ‘engage the disengaged’.

Through a dedicated team of ‘Community Connectors’, Connect Us, run by Involve North West, helps improve the quality of life for Wirral residents by addressing social isolation in our communities.

The project, funded by Wirral Council, currently employs 24 Connectors who door knock across the borough, proactively engaging with those who may need support but struggle to ask for it.

Community Connectors can visit people in their own home, or in a place that is comfortable to them. They will explore the best ways to link residents in with local services and activities, aiming to help isolated people expand their networks, and feel socially connected within your community. The service is tailored to each individual’s goals, needs and interests.

For some people this support could look like helping to link them in with the right support services or even just playing a compassionate role during a difficult time in someone’s life.

In other cases, connectors have helped people who are struggling with their mental health or wellbeing.

In this video, residents Linda and Karen, talk about their experiences needing support and finding it through the Connect Us service.

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Since Connect Us began in February 2017, with help from the service:

  • 201,895 community members have engaged with Connect Us
  • 8,075 community members have registered with Connect Us
  • 251 new groups have been established in the community
  • 522 community members have started volunteering
  • 436 community members have participated in further education/training
  • 735 community members have gained employment

Connect Us is a completely FREE service. If you feel you could benefit from some advice, support or even just a friendly chat with a Connector, you can contact them by calling 0151 644 4516 or emailing connectus@involvenorthwest.org.uk.

For more information, visit www.involvenorthwest.com.

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