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Tree damage following recent high winds

23 February 2022
Large tree fallen next to the bear pit at Eastham Country Park

As Eastham Country Park closes temporarily to allow storm damage to be cleared, residents and visitors are reminded to respect any other local areas which are taped or fenced off for safety reasons.

Wirral has seen some damage to public trees, including those along the highway and within our parks, following the recent storms.

Staff from the council’s parks and countryside team as well as contractors have been working to assess the damage and any risks as well as clearing the debris.

As part of the damage, Eastham Country Park has been badly affected with a large number of mature trees fallen and posing a potential danger to those using the woods. From today (Wednesday 23 February) the area has therefore been temporarily closed to allow work to be undertaken to remove the trees.

Tree damage at Eastham Country Park

This closure will remain in place until the work is completed and walkers can return safely. Signs will be displayed to ask you not to go into the area or your own safety.

Eastham Country Park is just one of the areas affected by the storm and the damage it has caused.

Residents and visitors are asked to please take notice and respect any safety tape, fencing or signage to close off an area, whether that is in Eastham Country Park or any other areas across the borough – this is to help keep you safe.

Fallen Tree in Eastham Country Park following the storms.