Campaign throws spotlight on burning issue

29 November 2023
Stock image of couple talking in front of a log burner

A new campaign has been launched by the council to help residents make good choices when it comes to using fires and wood burners in their homes. 

Fires and stoves can be warm and cosy but burning inside releases tiny particles into the air which can affect people’s health. These particles, called particulate matter, can settle in lungs causing respiratory issues and impacting lung function. Burning also affects air quality which impacts the health of the whole borough.

With a primary focus on the health risks of burning at home, the campaign gives Wirral residents support and information about how to ‘burn better’. The campaign spotlights the dangers of burning the wrong materials and not maintaining appliances, while providing practical tips for residents to adopt safer habits.

Much more is known about the impact of poor air quality on people’s health. It affects us all but mostly, it affects our most vulnerable – those who are already poorly, pregnant women, older people and children.

If local people do want, or need, to use fires in their homes, burning better will not only help their health, but their family’s and everyone in Wirral.

Cllr Liz Grey, Chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee for Wirral Council

The campaign, which launched on Tuesday 28th November 2023, features a local family and business owner who share their experiences, knowledge and advice on safe burning practices. By highlighting real stories, the campaign aims to resonate with residents and inspire others in the community to make conscious choices that contribute to cleaner air for everyone.

Residents will see messages, tips and videos on social media. They can also find out more here. 

This initiative is commissioned by Wirral Council and funded by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).