Designation of Hoylake Community Planning Forum (Hoylake Vision)

13 June 2024
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Following formal consultation, the Hoylake Community Planning Forum (Hoylake Vision) was re-designated by Wirral Council on 23 May 2024 as the Neighbourhood Forum for the Hoylake Neighbourhood Area.

A Neighbourhood Forum is set up by the local community to enable them to put together statutory planning proposals including a neighbourhood plan, which is a community-based vision for the future development of their area.

A copy of the approved documents, including the written constitution of the Neighbourhood Forum, a map of the Neighbourhood Area boundary and the contact details for Hoylake Vision are available for public inspection on the Council’s website at

As the council has agreed to designate the Hoylake Community Planning Forum as the Neighbourhood Planning Forum for Hoylake, no other organisation or body may be designated for that neighbourhood area until the designation expires or is withdrawn.

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