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Wirral Council elections May 2023

09 May 2023
workers counting votes at Bidston tennis centre following May 2023 local elections in Wirral

Local council elections took place in Wirral on Thursday May 4 and all votes were counted on Friday May 5.

The count took place at Wirral's Tennis Centre in Bidston.

Wirral Council has 66 councillors in 22 electoral wards and each ward is represented by three councillors.

Until this year the council elected a third of its members in each of three years out of four. 

However, following a decision by the council on 21 March 2022 it was agreed to move to a scheme for whole council  - also known as ‘all-out’ - elections, and this took effect for the elections held in May 2023. 

This meant that as of this year (and every four years afterwards), elections will be held for all seats on Wirral Council at the same time. 

Following the election on May 4 2023 Labour were the largest group on the council, winning 30 out of 66 seats.

The Conservatives took 17 seats, Greens 13 and Liberal Democrats six.

You can see the full results of the elections on the council website.

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