A message from new Council Leader Cllr Paul Stuart

25 May 2023
image of councillor Paul Stuart with the words: "A message from Wirral Council leader councillor Paul Stuart"

I have lived in Wirral all my life and this is the place where I have brought up my family so it is a great honour and privilege to become leader of Wirral Council.

Wirral stands at a pivotal moment, presented with difficult decisions but also an opportunity to define its future. However, we must be honest and realistic with our residents about the challenges we face.

My leadership of the council will be informed by a set of core values in developing a future-oriented plan that seeks not just to navigate the challenges of the present but to seize the opportunities of the future for Wirral:

  • we will prioritise the needs of the people we serve
  • we will deliver council services within the means of the council budget
  • we will innovate and face the future. Where technology improves residents’ lives, we will embrace it. Where progress is being held back, we will confront it. Our future is about looking forward, not backwards.
  • we will be green in action, not just in name. Protecting the environment isn't something you say. It's about doing. This should be a value that runs through every action we take and the decision we make—helping to protect and preserve our environment for future generations, as demonstrated in our Brownfield First Local Plan
  • we will work across geographies engaging with our communities, third-sector organisations, charities, and partner agencies to improve our residents' life chances
  • we will engage with the business community to develop plans to increase investment, jobs, and new businesses. Wirral can be the best place to start and grow our businesses.
  • we will continue our ambitious regeneration program both in Birkenhead and beyond. With broader regeneration plans across the borough from Bromborough, New Ferry, West Kirby, Seacombe, and Liscard to New Brighton
  • we need a healthier, happier, more prosperous Wirral, ready to thrive in the future

I want to take this opportunity to thank former council leader, Cllr Janette Williamson for her years served as Wirral Council Leader. I am sure Janette will do an excellent job as chair of adult social care and health.

And, following the elections on May 4, I want to welcome all newly elected members from all political parties - irrespective of the party we represent, we are all driven by a passion to serve our communities, and all 66 members should have the best interest of all Wirral residents at heart.

I also want to thank all those who work for Wirral Council for all that they do – and continue to do delivering services to Wirral residents day in, day out.

Looking forward I want to see a Wirral where residents will enjoy an enhanced quality of life and are economically secure. Wirral should be well-prepared to seize the opportunities of the future, improving life for everyone, regardless of whether they live in East, West, North or South Wirral.