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Walk to School Week top tips

Walk to school week is back once again from 20 to 24 May, it’s your chance to get your families activity levels up and do your bit to improve the local environment by ditching the car.

Walking doesn’t have to be boring, the week is a chance to try an different way of doing the school drop off, here’s a few top tips to help:

  1. Make it interactive - A great way to get your little ones motivated and enjoying the walk is to make it interesting. Ask them to count how many blue cars they see or trees they spot. 
  2. Improve road safety awareness – use the week as a chance to speak to your kids about road safety and keeping safe around roads. Go over the rules of crossing the road – make a quiz out of it!
  3. Scoot or cycle – to mix the week up, why not get the kids scooter or bike out and let them cycle or scoot alongside you. 
  4. Start a ‘Walking Bus’–  why not arrange to meet other parents along the way to all walk together? It’s a chance to all catch up and for children to enjoy socialising whilst being outdoors.
  5. If you can’t take part in the whole week, why not try a day or two? You’ll still be helping to make a difference!

For more information on Walk to School Week visit the Living Streets website.