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Top Tips for the ride ahead...

If you are planning on getting out and about on two wheels, here are some tips to prepare for the ride:

1. Get Bike ready

Make sure to pump up your tyres, adjust your seat height so it’s right for you and check your brakes, chain and gear shifters are all in good condition before setting of on your ride.

2. Plan your outfit accordingly

Choose comfy trainers to ride in and steer away from baggy trousers as they could get caught in the bike chain. Remember to wear a jumper or jacket that will be comfortable and not blow too much in the wind and to check the weather before leaving to know if a coat is appropriate.

3. Keep Hydrated

Make sure to take a water bottle along for the ride, a 500ml bottle of water is needed for every hour you ride. Depending on the length of your ride, perhaps pack some snacks that will help give you a boost of energy, if needed.

If you need a point to stop to refill your water bottle, visit the Refill website and download the App to find out where your local refill station is. 

4. Plan your route

Before leaving, ensure that you know the route and the roads or bike paths that you’ll be riding.

If you would like some inspiration for a leisurely ride through Wirral, take a look at Visit Wirral’s cycling guides

5. Enjoy the ride

Whether you are riding through Wirral’s roads or taking in a more scenic route, remember to enjoy your bike ride and give yourself enough time to get where you’re going if you are on a timescale.

Remember to watch out for cars and know your highway rules for riding a bike such as putting your hand out when you are turning left. Read more about the highway rules at GOV.UK