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Top 5 ways to reduce your impact on the climate

Since Wirral declared climate emergency, there are questions surrounding what individuals can do to help and whether it will make a difference.

With more than 322,800 people in Wirral, even small changes can make an impact.

We spoke with Dr Bryan Lipscombe, Wirral Council’s Sustainability Liaison Officer to ask him his top tips on reducing our pollution and to become more environmentally conscious in our daily lives.

  1. Reduce Energy and Water Usage: become more energy aware by using energy efficient lightbulbs, controlling heating, checking insulation, excluding draughts from windows and doors and switching to a renewable energy tariff. Save water and turn the tap of when unnecessary such as when brushing your teeth and install a water butt in your garden
  2. Reduce Waste: use reusable items such as bottles and coffee cups to save on waste
  3. Reduce impact on wildlife: be more wildlife conscious and plant bee and butterfly friendly plants in your garden
  4. Change Transport Methods: 60% of journeys made by car are under 5 miles, for these short journeys, where possible, chose to walk or cycle instead and for longer journeys, catch the bus or train
  5. Change Food Habits: shop and buy locally, try growing your own fruits and vegetables and reduce your meat consumption by choosing more vegetarian options as part of a more balanced diet

Making even these minimal changes will result in benefits to our health, our homes, job opportunities and the amount of waste we produce. By taking these steps locally we are also making steps towards improving the global situation.