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Top 5 easy ways to get active with your children

Exercise With Your Child Week starts today, and focuses on getting children and parents motivated to get out and get active. Here we’ve made a list of 5 easy ways you can take part in and have fun. 

  1. Make screen time an active time. Turn off your technology once a week and go on a adventure walk.
  2. Why not walk home from school via the park. 
  3. Make play time. Even a 10 minute play counts towards their activity for the day and is also some special quality time for you both.
  4. Get help with household chores. Encourage your children to participate in active outdoor chores such as  pulling weeds and watering plants. 
  5. Organise activities with the children there are plenty of games to play outside in the garden. Why not play a game of hopscotch or badminton.