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Gardening tips

Get the most from your garden this May

To gardeners, May is the start of the loveliest month of the year, when leaves are fresh and green, and spring is at its richest. All you need is a range of plants that will give you their best in this most generous of months.

Here are some top gardening tips for May from our Garden Waste Club Partner, Port Sunlight Garden Centre, to help bring the best out of your garden this spring.

  • A thorny issue: Spray fungicide regularly on roses that may be susceptible to mildew and black spot to keep your plants looking healthy.
  • The war of the wilted: Plant perennial’s directly into the garden but put in plant supports before they become too large and floppy as the weather warms up.
  • Lawn and order: Mow your lawn weekly when the weather is warm and apply a good lawn feed to keep it in tip-top shape. If the weather is hot and dry give your lawns a good water to avoid them becoming brown and patchy.
  • Turnip the beet: It’s tempting as temperatures increase to put out tender plants such as vegetables; but be cautious (or ready with the protective fleece) as we can still get surprise frosts in May. Plant aubergines, peppers, cucumbers and melons in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse for protection.
  • Jammin’: Place a straw mulch under strawberry plants to stop them from going mushy and reduce the risk of black root rot.