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Five ways you could help cool the planet and tackle climate change

Climate change is a significant issue across the world, it’s important we all take some steps to tackle this increasing problem.

To highlight the issue the first 'Green Great Britain Week' took place this year (15 -21 Oct), to coincide, the Cool Wirral Partnership has published its latest climate change report, on how Wirral is taking steps to reduce climate change. 
We can all do our bit to tackle climate change. Take a look at these five tips that we can all try to follow to make a difference:
  1. Leave the car behind – why not use public transport or even walk or cycle more – Try not to use the car for short journeys. Familiarise yourself with available cycle routes and cycle parking.
  2. Be more energy efficient at home – from turning the heating down and throwing on an extra jumper or replacing halogen and tungsten bulbs with lower energy bulbs. Starting to make the switch at home will reduce your own Carbon footprint.
  3. Reduce red meat consumption – Red meat in particular, produces the highest amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Why not consider having a ‘Meat Free Monday’ to reduce the amount you consume?
  4. Recycle right- if we all start to recycle our household products more it’s another step to tackle climate change. Check out the Recycle Right website for information on what can be recycled.
  5. Reduce and reuse – lots of food waste ends up in landfills and causes yet more greenhouse gases. To reduce the amount of waste you produce at home, why not make stricter shopping lists, use leftovers for other meals or get a compost bin to help?
Take a look at Cool Wirral Twitter page for more information.