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Five-a-day for Healthy Eating Week

Wirral’s children’s centres offer parents and their little ones a class that lets them actively take part in making healthy and cheap meals. The class will let you’re little chefs cook up a storm – with the bonus of no dishes! Here’s our top 5 tips to helping your kids reach the magical five-a-day.

Find out which centres offer the class and when by taking a look at the class timetables online or visit the My Child Can Facebook page.

Give them a head start: Offering a glass of fresh juice at breakfast, plus a small helping of fresh fruit with cereal, notches up two portions before they’ve even left the house. Bear in mind that juice only counts as one portion, no matter how much your child glugs.

Keep it varied: Variety is just as important as quantity. A good way to make sure you are covering the range is to choose different coloured fruit and veg, as it’s the different phytochemicals that give food its colour.

Get them into the kitchen: Kids are more likely to be experimental when they’ve helped to make a meal. When you involve children in preparing their own drinks or meals, it’s amazing what they’ll try.

Go for balance: Remember that if you’ve fallen short of the magical five one day, you can make up for it the next. Or redress the balance by focussing on darker coloured fruit and veg such as spinach, broccoli and blueberries, as the darker the colour, the bigger the nutritional hit.

Engage their interest: Encourage children to meet the five-a-day targets by downloading fill-in wallcharts from