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Change 4 Life - Get sugar smart!

A shocking new study has reveled that children in England are having around 2,800 sugar cubes more than they should each year – that’s more than double the maximum recommended amount. Change4Life has launched a new campaign to encourage families to ‘make a swap when you next shop’ to help them cut back on sugar.

Here are some top swap tips to get you started:

1. Go bananas - Instead of ice cream for pudding, why not try our super-easy, one-ingredient banana 'nice' cream?

2. Be a role model - Your kids will copy you, so try to set a good example. If they see you shunning the sugar and drinking healthier drinks, they will too!

3. Everyday swaps - Did you know cake bars can have up to 3 sugar cubes? Keep them for special occasions, not for every day, and swap for fruited teacakes or malt loaf.

4. Scan the barcode - Use the free Change4Life Food Scanner app to find out what's really in the food you're buying. 

5. Check the label - Most products have traffic light labels, usually on the front of the pack. Pick ones that have a green light for sugar.

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