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5 works of art not to miss at the Lady Lever this year

The Lady Lever Art Gallery recently announced that it will, this year host exhibitions by two iconic masters. 

Rembrandt in Print, opening June 1st in the Port Sunlight gallery, comprises of around 50 of the artist's outstanding prints from the Ashmolean Museum. In an international first, the prints in this particular collection have never been displayed together before.

Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors will open in October 2019 and will feature 35 posthumous prints that the artist produced in the last four years of his life. Among these prints will be some iconic pieces, seen in Wirral for the first time. 

We have compiled a list of the top five pieces not to be missed in these collections. Rembrandt in Print closes September 2019 but you've got until March 2020 for Matisse!


1) Matisse - The Snail

Made in 1953, this piece shows Matisse's interest in bright colours. He arranged complementary colours alongside each other to create a vibrant effect.


2) Rembrandt - The Shell (Conus marmoreus)

Collecting exotic shells was a popular hobby in the 17th century, and it excited Rembrandt’s interest too as shown in this 1850 etching.


3) Matisse - The Blue Nudes

A famous series of colour lithographs made from cut-outs depicting nude figures in various positions.


4) Rembrandt - Self-portrait, open-mouthed as if shouting

One of his etched 'selfies' from 1630 this became the model for 'Beggar Seated on a Bank', later that year.


5) Matisse - Snow Flowers

The abstracted "snow flowers" are a mixture of white plant and petal forms, placed against a patchwork of bold color.