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5 ways to stay safe in a storm!

Gales are the most common cause of damage and disruption in the UK. Follow our 5 top tips to stay safe.  


Tip 1: Secure loose objects

Before the storm, secure any loose objects such as ladders, garden furniture or anything else that could be blown into windows and break them.

Tip 2: Stay indoors as much as possible

If you do go out, try not to walk or shelter close to buildings and trees as they may have been damaged by the wind.

Tip 3: Drive safe

Do not drive unless your journey is really necessary. If you have to go out, take extra care when driving on exposed routes such as bridges, or high open roads – especially if you are towing or driving a high sided vehicle.

Tip 4: Don’t repair damage during a storm

When the storm has passed, be careful not to touch any electrical/telephone cables that have been blown down or are still hanging.

Tip 5: Check on vulnerable or elderly neighbours/relatives

After the storm, check that any vulnerable neighbours or relatives are safe and help them make arrangements for any repairs.