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5 simple, sizzling, summer food hacks to make you waste less this summer

Summer weekends are filled with sitting in the sun stuffing our faces with friends and family.

Whether it’s a picnic, barbeque or dinner party, there’s always plenty of food going around and in some cases, too much. We’ve all been to picnics where there’ve been a couple of pots of hummus leftover or barbeques with abundant burger buns.

Here are our top summer food hacks that will help you waste less and revive those al fresco favourites.

1. When life hands you lemons

…pop them in an ice-cube tray and make (you guessed it!) lemon ice cubes. Also, be sure to grate the rinds, bag them up and freeze them to be used for cold drinks, salads, pasta, pizza, and smoothies. There are more antioxidants in the rinds than the lemon juice itself.

2. Strawberries are forever

If those strawberries are entering the mushy twilight of their lives, don’t bin them – blend them! They’re the perfect consistency for making slushies, smoothies and syrups.

3. Time ‘fries’ when you're having fun

Potato salad left over from your latest picnic? If you’re fed up of eating it in its current form, give it a new lease of life and roast it in the oven for twenty-five minutes. You won’t regret it!

4. What a grape idea!

If your grapes are looking a little wrinkly, pop them in the freezer and serve as a cooling snack. They also make a ‘grape’ alternative to ice cubes. 

5.Excess baps?

Have each of your guests brought a pack of baps to the BBQ and now you have enough to supply a burger van for a week? Rather than fill your freezer with them, why not repurpose them into tasty desserts? Burger baps and buns are perfect for making bread and butter pudding.