Update on West Kirby flood wall installation

23 February 2023
The new West Kirby Flood wall seating

Works on the West Kirby Promenade are progressing well with the new finished surfacing on the promenade starting next week.

The construction of the new flood defence wall at West Kirby has caused inconvenience for residents and visitors along South Parade and in the town since last summer.

However, the latest update to the programme of works shows that sections of the project are due to complete by Easter, allowing some parking to be reintroduced along South Parade and access to the new promenade for visitors.

Over the next four weeks, the pavement and kerbs on the land side of South Parade are being replaced and then the existing road is to be resurfaced and marked. While this is happening, work is continuing at the Old Bath Site as well as the surfacing to the promenade and new flood gate installation. Work to construct new walls around the Sailing Centre are also ongoing.

In other developments on the project, the first of the new streetlighting columns are now operational along South Parade, this will progress alongside the other works towards the Sailing Club end of South Parade.

The estimated completion date for the road to reopen fully to traffic and for all the parking spaces to be available is the end of April 2023. This date could still be subject to change due to any change in circumstances and there will be some minor works to be carried out into May.