Time running out to subscribe for garden waste collections

17 May 2023
Garden waste being deposited in a brown bin

Time is running out for residents to sign up for garden waste collections for the whole of the 2023-24 subscription year.

Though the window to sign up by direct debit has now passed, residents – whether existing subscribers or new customers - can still ensure they receive the full benefits of signing up if they make a payment by card before 29th May.

Kerbside garden waste collections are the easiest way for residents to dispose of grass cuttings, weeds and leaves from their garden in an environmentally friendly way.

Subscribers have their brown bins collected every fortnight, with the exception of a short break in the service over the Christmas and New Year period.

To help meet the rising costs of providing the service, the subscription cost this year will be £52.50 for your first brown garden waste bin. Additional bins are £30 each.

Subscribers to the 2023-24 collection service will be able to claim a free tea or coffee when buying a slice of cake in the Floral Pavilion Café, The Sail Loft Coastal Kitchen and the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum Café (all teas and coffee is included in the offer). The offer voucher will be included on the back of the new subscription permit letter, including the terms and conditions of the offer.

Visit the Wirral Council website for details of how to sign up. Residents can subscribe at any time, but to gain the full service, they have to be registered, signed up and paid up before the May 29th deadline. If you need help signing up, please call Streetscene on 0151 606 2004.

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