Bin collections 2-6 January 2023 - updated 4 January

03 January 2023
graphic showing a bin wagon and the words "Bins Update"


Following discussions that continued throughout the Christmas holiday period between Biffa and Wirral Council, an agreement was reached between Biffa and their workforce and planned industrial action was called off.  As a result, the workforce returned to work on Wednesday 28 December 2022 and household bin collections are now taking place. 

From Monday 2 January 2023, normal scheduled household bin collections will be taking place across Wirral (both green and grey bins). Please put your bin out for collection on your normal scheduled day (ie, the day your bin was always collected before the industrial action) and crews will empty them as soon as possible.

Scheduled bin collections 2-6 January

  • All normal collections are now taking place.
  • If your scheduled grey bin has been missed today (Wednesday 4 January) please leave your grey bin out and they will be collected tomorrow before the crew moves on to Thursday 5 January collection rounds.

Catch up collections

  • If your GREEN bin was due for collection on Monday 26 December, crews are still catching up, if your bin has not been collected please leave your green bin out for collection crews they will return on Thursday 5 January.
  • If your GREEN bin was scheduled for collection on Tuesday 27 December – put it out from 7am on Thursday 5 January and it will be collected by Saturday 7 January.  
  • There will be no catch-up collections for missed grey bins from 26-30 December. Your bin will be collected next week on your normal scheduled day.

Garden waste collections

Details for rescheduling of garden waste collections missed as a result of industrial action will be confirmed this week.

Alleyway cleansing

Alleyway crews are back working on scheduled rounds and will be picking up any reported fly tips in alleyways where access is restricted.

Street cleansing

The priority is to empty litter bins.

Leaf fall clearance restarted on 3 January 2023.

Crews are also assisting refuse crews to collect hazardous bagged waste and dealing with reports of fly tips.

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