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Top tips for walking to school after half-term

Walking, scooting and cycling to school is a great way to get fresh air, get more exercise and help to reduce pollution but during the darker months it is necessary to take extra safety precautions.

Following National Walk to School Month, October, the council’s road safety team share their top tips for making sure that getting back to the walk to school in autumn and winter, following the half term, is just as safe as it is in summer.

Before setting off on your walk to or from school, check out the top tips below.

Stop, Look, Listen and Think

Just like anytime of the year, it is important to follow the highway code and stop, look, listen and think if it is safe before stepping into a road (whether that is to cross the road or step off the pavement to provide social distancing or avoid a puddle).

Shine bright

Whilst you are looking out for other road users, you can help keep yourself safe by wearing reflective or bright clothing that can be seen by drivers or other road users in darker or foggier weather.

Use the facilities available

On the journey to school, plan your route via existing pedestrian crossing points or where a School Crossing Patrol might be to make sure that you have some extra help to get you across the road safely.

Allow extra time

As the weather gets colder, wetter and darker, this can add time to your journey – whether that’s because you have to dodge puddles, go back for your umbrella or your extra layers of clothing mean you can’t walk quite as fast – sometimes you may need to take a longer and safer route.

Find out more

There are lots of helpful resources available to help parents and families with the journey to school – whether you want to walk, scoot or cycle.

Check out some more tips, and the Family Walk to School Kit by visiting the Living Streets website.


Children in Wirral Schools have been designing some backpacks for their walk to school that ensure that they stay visible to other people who might be using the roads. Out of many creative entries received, eight of these designs are recognised as being the best to keep us visible during the autumn winter months.

List of selected winners:

  • Miley-Rae from St Albans Primary School
  • Lilly Rose from St Albans Primary School
  • Marcie from Mount Primary School
  • Olivia from Mount Primary School
  • Alex from St Andrews Primary School
  • Ebony-Rose from St Andrews Primary School
  • Joseph from Kingsway Primary School
  • Nevaeh from Kingsway Primary School