New Help Points launched in Wirral

01 March 2023
councillor helen camera looking at camera with one hand on yellow help point attached to cctv column
Cllr Helen Cameron with one of the new Help Points

A network of public safety emergency contact points across the busiest parts of Wirral have launched today (March 1st).

In total, 28 Emergency Help Points have been installed throughout the borough in town centres, coastal areas and close to other places where people are likely to gather or visit.

At each help point there is a direct, two-way audio connection with the council’s Emergency Control Centre that people can use if they find themselves in difficulty or danger. The help points are backed up by CCTV surveillance cameras so control centre operators can immediately monitor the situation and alert emergency services if necessary.

The idea behind the installation of the help points is to improve community safety and provide public reassurance. It is hoped their presence will reduce the risk of violent crime and violence against women and girls.

The Emergency Help Points are clearly identifiable by distinctive yellow signage directing people to the audio connection.

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Cllr Helen Cameron, Chair of the Tourism, Communities, Culture and Leisure Committee for Wirral Council, said:

These help points could literally provide a lifeline for someone who finds themselves in difficulty or feeling threatened on our streets for whatever reason. Linking directly to the CCTV control centre, an operator there can talk to them directly, provide reassurance and arrange for them to be assisted by emergency services or other partner agencies if necessary.

Councillor Helen Cameron, Chair of the Tourism, Communities, Culture and Leisure Committee

There is a variety of reasons why ‘callers’ might need to use an Emergency Help Point, which includes situations where they:-

  • Need 999 assistance - Ambulance/Fire/Police/Coastguard
  • Need to report a missing child/person
  • Need to report a crime or incident of anti-social behaviour they are witnessing
  • Need help dealing with a vulnerable person due to age, physical health, mental health, etc.
  • Have suffered violence or feel at risk of violence
  • Fear for their own or someone else’s safety

This initiative has been funded by Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership and Wirral Community Safety Partnership.

The help points are located at the following locations: 

  • Moreton Rd, Upton | What 3 words: ///storms.swaps.friday
  • Marine Promenade, New Brighton (The Bell) | What 3 words: ///decks.bucket.fake
  • Marine Promenade, New Brighton (Café Crème) | What 3 words: ///spell.treat.league
  • Marine Promenade, New Brighton (Floral/Fort Perch Rock) | What 3 words: ///wants.nearly.fear
  • Kings Parade, New Brighton | What 3 words: ///spin.snows.people
  • Victoria Rd/Grosvenor Rd, New Brighton | What 3 words: ///mirror.combining.taps
  • Liscard Way, Liscard (McDonalds) | What 3 words: ///
  • Wallasey Road, Liscard | What 3 words: ///parks.tender.sample
  • Market St, Hoylake | What 3 words: ///moves.chuckling.parent
  • Grange Rd, West Kirby (Concourse) | What 3 words: ///likely.airbase.mimes
  • South Parade, West Kirby | What 3 words: ///spearing.plug.bangle
  • Telegraph Rd, Heswall (Heswall Bus Station) | What 3 words: ///
  • Grange Precinct (Asda Birkenhead) | What 3 words: ///flows.latest.tuck
  • Claughton Rd, Birkenhead (Fire station) | What 3 words: ///wheels.drop.stay
  • Ashville Rd, Birkenhead (Birkenhead Park Entrance) | What 3 words: ///palm.mute.acid
  • Hamilton Square, Birkenhead | What 3 words: ///bleat.points.coast
  • Woodside Ferry | What 3 words: ///precautions.epic.punk
  • Hamilton St / Market St (Magenta Housing) | What 3 words: ///divisions.maker.pardon
  • Seacombe Promenade (Seacombe Ferry Terminal) | What 3 words: ///
  • Egremont Promenade, Wallasey (Egremont Ferry) | What 3 words: ///dice.exit.price
  • New Brighton Promenade, New Brighton (Vale Park) | What 3 words: ///bonus.prices.goods
  • Conway St / Exmouth St | What 3 words: ///faster.repay.wing
  • Conway St / Vittoria St | What 3 words: ///fell.unless.fence
  • Hoylake Rd (Moreton Cross) | What 3 words: ///strong.former.artist
  • Albert Rd (Hoylake Train Station) | What 3 words: ///toddler.slice.rhino
  • Poulton Rd/Borough Rd, Seacombe | What 3 words: ///timing.starts.sugars
  • New Chester Rd / New Ferry Rd | What 3 words: ///united.atoms.stem
  • Old Chester Rd, Rock Ferry | What 3 words: ///finds.expand.larger
yellow help point sign attached to black cctv column next to a busy junction
One of the new help points in Birkenhead
close up of yellow communication point with the words "Help Point" and red button which is used to call the emergency control room
Close up of Help Point button

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