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Young ‘mystery shoppers’ needed

Young people aged 15 or 16 can play a part in efforts to ensure that retailers are abiding by the law when it comes to selling age-restricted items.

Trading Standards regularly asks young people to assist them in test purchasing operations to see whether they are able to buy items such as tobacco, alcohol and fireworks from shops in Wirral. Those premises who do sell to underage volunteers will have action taken against them.  
The next round of test purchasing is set to begin and Trading Standards are on the look-out for 15 or 16 year old volunteers to support this clampdown.
Test purchasing operations are carried out within strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the volunteer and the consent of a parent or guardian is essential.
Volunteers will be fully trained in what to say and do and will be accompanied by a CRB-checked officer from Trading Standards at all times. They would not be asked to visit shops near where they live, go to school or socialise. 
There is no pay for this work but volunteers are given a £20 voucher, plus lunch or tea out at an establishment of their choice. They also get a reference and certificate. This is a rewarding opportunity for young people to assist in combating underage sales which in turn helps protect young peoples’ health and improves our community.
If you know someone who may be interested in this work during occasional school holidays, evenings or weekends then please get in touch -