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Worldwide Success in City Nature Challenge

As part of Year of Environment, Wirral joined forces with our competitors in the Greenspace Challenge, to compete for the first time in the international City Nature Challenge, on 26-29 April.

This global competition, organised by the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles County alongside the California Academy of Sciences, saw 159 cities compete against each other, including five other UK regions.

With Liverpool City Region making a total of 12326 observations, documenting 1075 species and engaging 121 people, we placed an impressive 24th on the observation’s leader board. This placed Liverpool 2nd in UK and 2nd in Europe and Central Asia, only being outdone by Bath and Bristol Region.

To celebrate the success of the City Nature Challenge 2019, a wildlife gallery of the pictures taken during the challenge, are travelling around the libraries of Liverpool. To find out which libraries are hosting and when, you can contact:

These pictures were taken using iNaturalist, a quick and simple way of documenting wildlife observations. This app can be downloaded on your mobile or tablet from the App Store or Google Play and can similarly be used to take part in the year-long Greenspace Challenge.

Download the app and get involved in the on-going Greenspace challenge and continue our success as Wirral battle against the other authorities of the Liverpool City Region to reach the top of the leader board.

To find out more visit Year of Environment and make your way up the Greenspace Challenge leader board.