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Work starts to remove dangerous trees across the borough

Work to remove a number of dangerous trees has started in Wirral – to be closely followed by replanting which will replace each felled tree, and more.

Any tree that has to be felled will be replaced - and more trees planted overall – as the council delivers on its pledge to plant 21,000 tree each year for 10 years.

Routine detailed inspection of all street trees has found that 390 need urgent action as they are a potential danger to the public.

The identified trees are on public highways and will be urgently removed because they have either died, been found hollow or diseased, and could be unstable.

Tree felling is always a ‘last resort’: the council only fells trees where they are a risk to people or property, or disease could impact on the surrounding trees. A decision to fell a tree is only taken once it is determined there is no other viable option.

In the council’s Tree Strategy, published July 2020, the authority committed to replacing trees that are felled, and planting extra trees, to meet a goal of doubling the borough’s tree cover by 2030. Alongside that, measures to make the best use of the natural resources are adopted wherever possible, including leaving the deadwood for biodiversity.

Cllr. Liz Grey, Chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee, said: “While no one wants to see trees cut down, unstable trees pose a significant risk both to drivers and pedestrians so it’s important to make them safe as quickly as possible.

“Any trees the council has to fell will be replaced many times over, across the borough, to ensure it remains a green and vibrant place, full of healthy trees.”

Significant tree planting will continue in autumn and winter to replace as well as reinforcing the street trees across the borough.

Wirral Council’s Tree Strategy can be found online on the council's website