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Wirral primary school wipes out waste for eco competition

Woodlands Primary School were presented with a prize for winning the ‘Wipe Out Waste’ competition organised by Veolia and Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA).

Pupils from the entire school, Reception to Year 6, visited Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre. After their visit they were challenged to find exciting ways to share and pass on what they had learnt to encourage everyone to wipe out waste.

Mrs Donnelly, teacher at Woodlands Primary School, commented: “The visit to Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre was educational, eye-opening and inspiring.”

A number of schools took place in the Wipe Out Waste challenge, creating a tough decision for the judges but they were delighted to announce Woodlands Primary School as the overall winner and award them the £150 cheque.

Kirsty Martin, Education Officer at Veolia, commented on the competition entries: “The judging panel were impressed at the range of projects completed and how the visit inspired the school to set up an Eco Committee. It’s clear that reducing waste is a high priority and introducing ways of reusing items like cups and bowls tipped the balance for the panel.”

The winning entry from the school featured a different project from each class. These projects included making bioplastic with milk and vinegar, reducing single use plastic at lunch time and creating their own labels for recycling bins to remind people what can go in them.

Carl Beer, Chief Executive at MRWA, said: “If we want to make a difference to how we manage the earth’s resources then we have to engage the next generation. The pupils at Woodlands seem to have plenty of ideas on how to do this. Congratulations to them!”

If you are interested in visiting Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre, there is a community open day on Thursday 22 August, 10am-2pm. This event is free and you can discover what happens to your recycling after it’s been collected.

For more information, please visit the Veolia website.