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Wirral mum is face of new campaign to help women choose where to have their baby

The Care Quality Commission, the national organisation charged with making sure people have high quality health care, has enlisted the support of a Wirral mum  to help promote a new campaign to prospective parents.

The campaign has been launched by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after research found that 40 per cent of prospective parents either weren’t aware or didn’t feel they had a choice about the hospital they choose to give birth in.

Gabrielle, 24, a key figure in the campaign, features in a video detailing her experience of giving birth in Wirral.

She says: ‘I chose to give birth at my local hospital just because it was easy; it’s five minutes down the road and my mum used to work there.

‘As far as labours go, I had a really good labour. It was straightforward and I was well looked after. I did have a few complications at the end that I think could have been prevented but apart from that it was great.

‘I didn’t really do any research into what hospitals I could give birth in. To be honest I didn’t know I had a choice, I just presumed I had to go to my local hospital. If I’d known I had a choice I probably would have done a bit more research.

‘If I’d have known about the CQC reports they would have been useful, I would’ve done more research into where I wanted to go and what was being said about my local hospital and others in the area.

‘I think it’s important for women to have a choice about where to give birth; and to look at reviews and do your research before making your mind up, to make sure you have the best experience for you,’ she says.

The #yourbirthplan campaign aims to raise awareness with pregnant women and their families of the options available for their care, and where to access the information needed to make informed decisions.

Research by the CQC shows low awareness among new mothers of inspection reports and the information that CQC can provide on the quality of care provided by maternity services across the country. The CQC wants more women to:

  • Know they have a choice about where to give birth, whether at home or in hospital
  • Use the free, independent CQC inspection reports to compare maternity services near them, to make an informed choice; and
  • If they’ve recently had a baby to share their experiences with CQC, whether good or bad

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