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Wirral hosts final borough launch of LCR’s Year of the Environment

Industry professionals, environmental action groups, council officials and local organisations marked the borough’s launch and support of Liverpool City Region’s year of events.

Following a formal launch event in January and events across the wider city region, Wirral hosted the final borough launch in New Brighton's Floral Pavilion.

Part of the borough’s environment plan, involvement in the Year of the Environment will showcase Wirral’s natural assets and celebrate the valuable work done by so many to maintain and protect the area.

The launch, which included networking and workshops with local groups, was opened by Gideon Ben Tovim, LCR’s mayoral advisor on the Environment and Chair of ‘Nature Connected’, who thanked Wirral for their involvement while calling on residents and the authority to continue their hard work on behalf of the metro mayor.

Speaking at the event, Cllr Anita Leech cabinet member for environment announced Wirral’s “key role” in championing LCR’s Year of the Environment. Among several projects, Cllr Leech supported the creation of ‘139 eco schools and nurseries’ across the borough working individually and collaboratively to reduce their impact on the environment. In addition to curbing their environmental impact, these eco schools are also educating students on environmental issues. Other initiatives tackled waste prevention, air quality, climate change and other key priorities.

Cllr Leech said: “We are proud to be a part of Merseyside’s Year of the Environment. It is vital for Wirral to support this initiative, tackling and raising awareness of growing environmental issues not just in the borough but across the city region.

“Wirral is home to some fantastic and hardworking community groups who work to keep our local environment one of the best.

“It’s important that while we launch the start of the year, we also celebrate the work that has already taken place by these groups, while providing the opportunity for others to get involved.”

Cllr Phil Davies, Leader of the Council, gave an update on the borough’s flagship campaign Wirral Together which seeks to foster an innovative relationship between public services and Wirral residents, working together to create a better borough.

Cllr Davies invited attendees to work with the authority and that they would be open to new solutions and to support and encourage local people to take ownership of their area.

Cllr Davies said: “Thanks to the tireless work of Wirral volunteers, organisations and services we are in the unique position of seeking to combine forces, mobilising the public and public services to bring together their ideas and resources to better the local environment. We are all working to the same shared goal and all have a part to play, let’s work together for a better Wirral.”

Year of the Environment is the city region’s response to the government’s national Year of Green Action and brings together the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, its six constituent local authorities – which includes; Wirral, Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens and Halton - the Environment Agency and Nature Connected.

Year of the Environment will also help raise awareness of issues and areas that demand action and attention, including air quality, waste levels, and the need to shift towards more sustainable use of energy. Many of these areas are influenced by the Combined Authority’s policy and funding responsibilities.

For more information visit the official Year of the Environment website.