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Weed spraying on Hoylake Beach

A statement on recent weed-spraying at Hoylake beach:

A Council spokesperson said: "Thanks to everyone who has shared their views over the weekend about weed-spraying on Hoylake beach. We acknowledge there are strong and compelling views on both sides of the debate as to whether it is right to control the growth of spartina and other beach grasses in this location and these concerns are reflected in the actions we take.

"Wirral Council recently voted to phase out the spraying of glyphosate in the borough, immediately after we have identified a suitable effective alternative.

"In the specific case of Hoylake beach, we have had an agreement in recent years with Natural England to manage the issue of spartina grass. That agreement allowed for the grass to be sprayed once during the summer months in a controlled manner.

"However, we are already trialling alternatives as we move towards ending the use of spraying as set out by the Council vote and this should be the last summer that the beach is routinely treated in this way.