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Street light upgrades are picking up pace

The planned multi-million pound investment to replace and improve all street lights in Wirral with energy efficient LEDs has stepped up a gear with the contract for the work now out to tender.
Once the contract has been awarded, work will begin in January 2019. 
It’s a big job with 28,000 lights being replaced by March 2021 but it will bring big benefits, with the work helping to save up to £700,000 annually in energy costs and carbon tax when it is completed. 
This new investment is on top of works that have been in progress since Autumn 2017 and by the end of November 2018 £1million will have been spent on replacing life expired lamp columns and defective lanterns.
Replacing existing lights will result in annual savings on maintenance too, through long term warranties. In addition LED street lighting units are more economical, the lights will last longer and need less maintenance and they are more energy efficient helping to cut carbon emissions.
We’ve already had a positive response with people saying the lights mean they can see better at night.
Street lighting repairs are made on a priority basis, with highest priority being given to faults presenting the greatest risk.
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Shedding light on street lights:

  1. ‘How many street lights will be replaced?’
The work is to replace all street lights in Wirral, which is 28,000 by 2021.

    2. ‘Can’t the new LED lights affect your health?’

That’s not true. Our own LED lantern choices have been rigorously evaluated based on recommended regulations and research on health and exposure to light.
    3. ‘The new LED lights are too bright.’
The new lights use white light and the brightness is set to national standards and guidelines. The light is focussed on pavements and roads meaning people can see better at night. In some locations street lights may have been dimmed slightly to make them more energy efficient.