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Stay smokefree on National No Smoking Day

Today is the Day... for a fresh start.

13th March is National No Smoking Day. A day where everyone - whether you’re a smoker or not - comes together to inspire, motivate and support others, to take the first step towards quitting smoking.

Many people really want to quit smoking, but find it tough, so there are many different Stop Smoking Services there to help. Today is the Day celebrates people’s stop smoking stories, and provides support for those who need it.

The Today is the Day campaign has been developed by Breathe2025 to raise awareness about National No Smoking Day and support local stop smoking services and the NHS to help people to quit.

Today is the Day encourages the public, organisations, stop smoking services, friends, family etc to submit your stories and celebrate the successes of quitting smoking!

To take part in the day you can simply, not smoke! But you can empower your friends and family to take part too by sharing your involvement on social media or by having a meaningful conversation about quitting smoking.

For more information, visit:

If you have a story you’d like to share to inspire others, anonymously or otherwise, get in touch with Wirral’s Public Health team by emailing

For support near you, visit Wirral’s Stop Smoking service, ABL Wirral, or call them on 0151 541 5656.