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Short Breaks Survey

Survey seeks to find popular short-break activities.

 Whether it’s an hour or two throughout the week or an overnight stay, Wirral’s short breaks service provides a wide range of clubs and activities for disabled children and young people aged 0-19.

Most short breaks don’t require a parent or carer to stay with the young person meaning that the parent or carer also gets a break.

With some activities used more than others and quite a few undersubscribed, a consultation is underway to find out what our residents, especially our young people, want from their short breaks.

We want to understand what activities people are attending, what they think of them and, most importantly, the needs of our young people now and for the future.

The consultation runs from 13 May to 19 July You can complete the questionnaire online at

Printed copies of the questionnaire and Easy Read versions can also be found at The Hive, Birkenhead; Pilgrim Street Arts Centre; St Catherine’s Hospital; Willowtree Resource Centre, Moreton and various specialist schools.