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Road works around the borough press ahead

Work around the borough is progressing well with almost a quarter of the roads in the annual maintenance programme completed within its first month.

This year’s road maintenance programme is seeing the council invest £6 million to maintain Wirral’s roads.

Residents can view the full list of roads for repair in 2020 by visiting

The significant investment this year will mean approximately 170 roads be repaired across the borough during the programme of works, almost 40 roads have already been completed.

For the latest updates on where crews will be carrying out works over the coming weeks visit or follow the council’s social media channels.

Cllr Julie McManus, Cabinet Member for Community Services at Wirral Council, says: “After some initial setbacks to the programme, due to the coronavirus pandemic and changing weather conditions, I would like to thank residents for their continued patience as these works are carried out.

“This year’s programme will see £6 million worth of vital improvements to our road network making it safer and easier for residents to travel around the borough as they make the journey to school, travel to work, access restaurants and local businesses or essential services.

“Since road works started last month almost a quarter of the roads have already been completed and works are planned to continue at a similar pace with the remaining roads due to be finished by the end of this year.”

Different materials and methods are used by the council’s contractor to maintain roads and fix any issues with the surface of the road (such as pot-holes).

All roads scheduled to receive Surface Dressing have now been completed with just line markings and ironworks to finish.

The process used means that roads that have received this surface treatment can be opened to drivers quickly as driving over the surface at low speeds helps to further push any loose chippings into the surface.

This year, after the initial road treatment has been completed, a lock chip treatment has been added to roads that have been received Surface Dressing works to reduce the loss of chippings and help make it a better surface.

More information about the types of surface treatments and materials used as well as their properties can be found on

The roads chosen to be repaired each year are selected after an extensive process including surveys and reports from highways inspectors, councillors and members of the public.

Funding for the 2020 annual road repairs are supported by the Liverpool City Region (Pot-Hole Fund and Key Route Network Fund), the Active Travel Fund and the Department for Transport (Highways Challenge Fund).