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Residents encouraged to find more active travel options

Measures aimed at getting fewer people making unnecessary car journeys.

When Wirral received an allocation of more than £1.1m from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority this year to help it deliver its Transport Plan for Growth one of the conditions was that it invested in measures which would decrease the amount of motor traffic on the road.

With that in mind, a number of traffic schemes that aim to encourage people to choose more active forms of travel – walking, running or cycling - have been announced recently.

No fewer than 10 schemes, which involve measures such as converting pelican crossings to the safer and more hi-tech puffin crossings, putting in dropped kerbs for safer pedestrian crossings, introducing speed reduction measures and making improvements to junctions and footpaths, have been identified for 2019-20.

Encouraging people to explore active travel options has a positive impact in that it will reduce traffic congestion, reduce carbon pollution and increase people’s sense of health and wellbeing.

But in order to realise these benefits, our roads, footpaths and cycle networks need to be fit for purpose, hence the reason for these traffic schemes, which are earmarked for areas of Bebington, Claughton, Leasowe, Upton, Oxton and Bromborough.