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Reducing plastic makes the Wirral fantastic!

A unique new sculpture has been unveiled in Birkenhead park, designed to make people rethink how much plastic rubbish they throw away.

The temporary sculpture, a 6ft ecobrick tree, is made up of 35 small ecobrick bottles for the trunk and around 170 empty plastic bottles for the branches. All together the plastic weighs just over 10kg.

Residents, schools, community groups, brownies and guides and litter pickers from Wirral and beyond have all been helping by building eco bricks. Some supporters have travelled from Anglesey and Warrington to bring their eco bricks. An Ecobrick is a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry used plastic into a plastic bottle to a set density; they can then be used in building projects or made into furniture.

Emily Gleaves who launched the community challenge in an effort to raise awareness of the amount of plastic waste being brought into people's homes with their weekly food shops said, ‘I had been making Ecobricks for a while and thought that something needed to be built to create awareness - after discussions with Birkenhead Park, the Council and Involve Northwest we decided that a tree sculpture would be a good idea.’

‘The response has been amazing it's really brought people together. Through creating the ecobricks people see first-hand how much unnecessary plastic waste is produced on a day to day basis, they don’t really believe it till they see it. People are starting to think about what they're buying and starting to buy plastic free goods where possible which is fantastic.’

The next stage of the project is to build some Ecobrick benches in the summer. Plans are well underway with 100 ecobricks already created weighing 36.68kgs. That’s 300 bottles and 46.68kgs of single use plastic that has gone into building the Ecobricks.

Emily is also working on plans with Tam O'Shanter farm to build benches and maybe another structure there and working with Involve Northwest on creating something unique for New Brighton. Watch this space! 

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to attend an Ecobrick workshop at Birkenhead Park visit ‘Ecobricks Community North West’ on facebook for more details.