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Park pushes on with World Heritage Status bid

Birkenhead Park preparing bid to line-up alongside other great global sites

Wirral Council is moving forward with its plan to rank Birkenhead Park alongside such heritage sites as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Tower of London and Stonehenge, with two new appointments of a World Heritage Site Project Manager and World Heritage Project Officer.

The specialist duo will be responsible for developing Wirral’s application for World Heritage Status for Birkenhead Park, as well as working on a significant bid for Heritage Lottery Funding to complete the process of its restoration.

World Heritage Project Officer, Liz Mann, who joined the project in September said: ‘This is an exciting time for Birkenhead Park and for Wirral as a whole. I am delighted to be part of the team moving forward Wirral Council’s strategic vision of securing World Heritage Site inscription for Birkenhead Park’.

Wirral’s bid was given additional kudos this time last year at the World Urban Parks European Congress, held in Wirral, when the official congress signed a statement in support of Birkenhead Park being put forward for inclusion on the list for World Heritage Status.

Wirral people are in no doubt that Birkenhead Park is one of the most significant and inspirational parks anywhere in the world and the statement of support for a possible World Heritage Status bid was an amazing way to end that fantastic week promoting Wirral to parks professionals from around the world.

With the Council’s commitment to Parks and open spaces being demonstrated and celebrated with 26 of Wirral’s parks being announced as winners of the nationally recognized Green Flag Awards, as well as Birkenhead Park once again retaining its Green Heritage status for its work on keeping the grade I listed parks historic characteristics at such a high standard, the World Heritage Site project seeks to place Birkenhead Park in its rightful place on the world stage for its Outstanding Universal Value and its status as the ‘world’s first municipally-funded public park’.