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NHS launches new Test & Trace App to help in the fight against COVID-19

A new COVID-19 Test & Trace App is set to launch on Thursday 24 September, which allows people to 'check-in' to venues and also notifies users if they come in to contact with someone who later tests positive for coronavirus. This information allows the NHS and local authorities to respond quickly to outbreaks, to stop the virus spreading and save lives.

To ‘check in’ to a venue, the user simply scans a QR code poster on their phone, which passes on their Test & Trace details without having to fill a form in. Users will receive an alert if they have recently visited a venue where they may have come into contact with coronavirus, as well as advice on what to do and whether they need to self-isolate. 
The COVID-19 App has a series of other features which will help people make daily decisions to protect themselves, those they love and the wider community. These include the ability to recognise and report symptoms, order a coronavirus test and be notified if the area they live has become categorised as ‘high risk’.
Why is it important? Every person who downloads the app will be helping in the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19). The app will help the NHS understand where and how quickly the virus is spreading, so it can respond quickly and effectively. 

The App will not hold or share any personal information about the user or track their location. The App cannot see users’ phone contacts and their privacy and identity are secure. Check-ins will be automatically deleted 21 days later. The App user Bluetooth Low Energy, which means it has minimal impact on the phone’s battery.

To download the NHS COVID-19 App, visit the App Store or Google Play when it is launched on Thursday 24 September.


How can businesses help?

Business can make it easy for customers too by displaying Test & Trace QR code posters. This enables customers to ‘check in’ by scanning the QR code on their phone, to pass on their Test & Trace details. To create a Test & Trace QR poster for your business, click here. To register you will need to enter your contact details including your name and email address, as well the information about the business. It’s quick and easy to do and ensures your business is helping keep your customers, members of staff and our wider community safe.