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New funding to tackle homelessness

MORE THAN £800,000 of new funding will help tackle a rise in homelessness in Wirral. 

Combining a series of grants, the Council will be ploughing in hundreds of thousands of pounds to help those who are threatened with homelessness or left without a place to stay. 

Recent legislation, the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA), has expanded the definition of homelessness, meaning more people are requesting help and advice from the authority’s specialist team and leading to a 260% increase in the number of households being awarded a ‘legal homeless duty’ in 2018/19. 

In 2018, the Council’s Housing Options Team, who work with those at risk of homelessness, experienced a 17% rise in demand with 3,555 households accessing its service. Council funding for tackling homelessness includes more than £1million on staffing and temporary accommodation, plus £2.9 million on commissioned services. 

The council has secured additional grants totalling £887,000 to help re-shape its homelessness service and tackle the growing problem. The additional funding will be used to tackle rough sleeping, and provide a focus on early homelessness intervention and prevention measures, in addition to meeting the rising demand for Council housing advice and homeless services.