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New campaign puts spotlight on Wirral's youth workers

A new campaign to rebrand youth work in Wirral is highlighting the life-changing services which support young people every day.

Coinciding with National Youth Work Week 2019 (4-10 November), the ‘Youth Matters' campaign includes the strapline: ‘Building futures, Shaping lives’.

Youth Matters was first revealed earlier this week at Wirral Council’s annual Youth Parliament session – which is organised by, and for, young people.

The rebrand features an all-new poster and digital campaign led by some of the Youth Matters team, plus a video of staff with comments from young people about the positive impact youth workers have made on them.

By working alongside young people to build their confidence, raise awareness, and promote resilience, the Youth Matters team helps to prepare them for adulthood. Staff build trusted relationships with young people to let them know they don’t have to face any problems alone.

Wirral’s Youth Matters team offers a wide range of support, including:

  • Drug and Alcohol advice
  • Counselling service
  • Youth Hubs and Clubs
  • Play schemes
  • Health Services in Schools: working in partnership with secondary school nurses to nurture young people’s health and wellbeing
  • Creative Youth Development: participatory arts including dance, drama, technical theatre, music, visual arts, life skills projects and youth engagement
  • Detached Youth Work teams: working with young people in their communities to provide opportunities for personal development

Tom Usher, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said:

“Youth workers play a priceless role in mentoring our young people, encouraging them to flourish while providing a listening ear when needed. The individuals I’ve met have shown the highest dedication in providing services for young people”

“This new campaign acknowledges the vital work carried out by the Youth Matters team. By raising the profile of the service, I hope even more young people in Wirral will benefit from the opportunities on-offer.”

The Youth Matters team is run by qualified youth workers who understand the needs of teenagers and work with them to offer a range of activities that young people want.