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Memorial bench promise

Wirral Council has made a pledge on the future of every bench or memorial plaque currently situated along the site where the new flood wall in West Kirby will be built.

The council has been working to build up a definitive list of which benches belong to who and who is celebrated by them in order to find out what people want to see happen to each memorial once the wall is under construction.

It could be they would like seating and the memorial to be re-provided within the design of the new wall. Maybe they will want to relocate the whole bench to a different place or keep it at home with them?

Whatever owners of the benches want, the council will make every effort to do it. No bench or memorial plaque will be discarded – even if their owners cannot immediately be traced, they will be kept in storage.

If you or someone you know has a memorial plaque and/or a bench along South Parade in West Kirby, let us know so we can make sure your wishes are taken care of when the new wall is built.

Contact to let us know about your memorial bench.