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Mates matter: national campaign launched

Think! the national road safety campaign is calling on all friends to step up and intervene if a friend is tempted to drink and drive.

With an increase in social events over the festive period, the campaign has launched it’s ‘Mates Matter’ initiative which is encouraging mates to look out for each other and step in and stop any of their friends who may think of drink driving.

The campaign has found that, young men are statistically more likely to be involved in drink driving related accidents. With, 280 young men aged 16-24 killed or seriously injured due to drink driving in Great Britain in 2016 alone.

Friends are highly influential in each other’s lives, particularly for young people and could hold the key in protecting friends from making decisions that can be tragic for them and others.

To promote the message a series of  videos have been released featuring a group of friends in a pub stepping in to stop friends from driving after a drink.

Wirral’s road safety team have been working with schools and colleges to hold interactive road safety sessions which includes messages around drink driving. Since January 2018 a total of 2060 young people aged 14 and over have attended the sessions.

For more information around the campaign and road safety visit the Think! website.