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Libraries consultation goes out on the road

ARTICLE UPDATED 13 September 2021.

Library staff will visit different areas across the borough to help answer residents’ questions on the consultation to help improve and shape Wirral’s Library Service.

Residents will be able to meet and talk to library colleagues and take part in the ongoing consultation as council staff visit areas including Heswall, Bidston and St James, Seacombe, Liscard and Leasowe.  

Extended until 20 September 2021, the consultation that started at the end of June invites residents to share their thoughts on the library service. It asks those taking part what services are most important to them as well as what services people would like to see offered so that an attractive, relevant, modern and flexible library service can be delivered. 

Residents can get involved and meet library staff on: 

  • Friday 20 August, 10am to 12noon at Heswall Library (green space outside the testing centre) 
  • Friday 20 August, 10am to 11.30am at Little Beechwood Centre 
  • Friday 20 August, 11.30am to 1pm at St James Centre (North Birkenhead Development Trust) 
  • Monday 23 August, 11.30am to 1.30pm at Seacombe Children’s Centre 
  • Tuesday 24 August, 10am to 12noon at Heart of Egremont 
  • Saturday 28 August, 10am to 12noon at Leasowe Leisure Centre
  • Tuesday 31 August, 12-2pm at Cherry Tree Centre
  • Friday 3 September, 10am to 12noon at St Chad's Church Hall in Irby
  • Saturday 4 September, 12noon to 3.30pm at Lingham Park in Moreton
  • Monday 6 September, 2pm to 4pm at Kylemore Community Assosciation in Pensby
  • Wednesday 8 September, 10am to 12noon at Melrose Hall in Hoylake
  • Thursday 9 September, 11am to 1pm at The Pyramids in Birkenhead
  • Monday 13 September, 1pm to 3pm at St Andrews Centre in Noctorum
  • *NEW: Friday 17 September, 2pm to 4pm at Upton Victory Hall
The engagement session scheduled for Saturday 21 August at Lingham Park, Moreton has unfotunately had to be postponed due to scheduled poor weather. 

More locations will be announced soon. *NEW sessions added - article updated on 13 September 2021. 

The consultation can also be filled in online or by requesting a paper copy. 

Cllr Helen Cameron, Chair of the Tourism, Communities, Culture and Leisure Committee at Wirral Council, said: “The 12-week library consultation gives residents a chance to help shape the service so that it is suited to the needs of the local community. 

“I would encourage everyone to take part in the consultation – whether you use the library service or not – libraries are no longer just about books and buildings but about the people that you can meet, the activities you can do and the services you can access.  

“Whichever way you take part, by having your say you can help tell the council what’s most important to you and what you need to access from your library service.”  

The locations selected have been chosen based on areas where the local library is not open yet to try and get as many of Wirral’s residents involved and to have their say on how the borough’s libraries can be improved.  

Library staff will also be able to answer questions and help people take part in the consultation from any of the council’s open libraries, these include Bebington, Birkenhead, Bromborough, Eastham, Greasby, Rock Ferry, Wallasey and West Kirby. 

Residents can complete the survey and have their say by filling in the questionnaire online or by requesting a paper copy.  For a paper copies residents’ should email or visit one of the council’s libraries which are currently open. Opening times are published on the council’s website  

For more information about the library consultation, please visit the council’s Have Your Say website